**********Ticket Application Process**********

**********Ticket Application Process**********

By Jonathan Pritchard
20 June 2017
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The process for ticket applications has been changed by the RFU.

Dear Spartan

**********Ticket Application Process**********

The process for ticket applications has been changed by the RFU. For certain games such as England v Australia we are allocated a ticket cap and for others we aren’t.

However, what is also different is that I now need to go online, find and purchase specific tickets. That means I will only be purchasing tickets against demand and if successful you will be required to pay immediately and tickets are non-refundable.

Given the ticket cap on certain games it also means that you are more likely to be successful in getting an allocation if you opt for Argentina or Samoa fixture. As always Sponsors and those who contribute to the Club will take priority in allocations. There are no guarantees that you will receive your allocation and after sponsors it will be first come first actioned until we can purchase no more, but I also have to purchase in bundles. This is the first time of doing it this way and I appreciate it may sound a little confusing.

And so to next steps….…… You need to let me know the fixture, the number of tickets and the price bracket you want to apply for. You also need to let me know if you will go higher if they are the only tickets available and as a default I will assume that you are happy to go lower.

The absolute deadline for requests is June 30th and I will deal with those on my return in order to meet the RFU timeline for preferential ticket rates – the later you leave it the less likely you are to get your tickets. After that you can apply using a different method which should reflect the ‘Standard’ price but Clubs tend to put their unused tickets onto Ticket Exchange at inflated rates as was evident during the 6-Nations; essentially the RFU is providing the means for ticket touting but that is a purely personal opinion….

The fixtures and prices are below. At this stage we can purchase at the Entitlement Ticket Price and having had a quick look you should not expect to get Premium tickets.

Old Mutual Wealth Series 2017

November 11th 2017
England v Argentina Price Category Entitlement Standard
Premium £90 £110
1 £78 £95
2* £65 £80
3* £55 £66
4* £35 £40

November 18th 2017
England v Australia Price Category Entitlement Standard
Premium £104 £127
1 £95 £116
2 £86 £105
3 £76 £92
4 £66 £80
5 £59 £70
6 £41 £45

November 25th 2017
England v Samoa
Price Category Entitlement Standard
1* £50 £60
2* £35 £40
3* £25 £30


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